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  • How does the selling process work on Peiliee Market Place?

    You have to first register as a seller. After we have approved your registration request, you will be able to upload the products. 

    We will then automatically generate a designer collection page for your products. Your products will also be shown together with our other collections in all products. 

    Customers can purchase your uploaded products together with our other products (since we offer free shipping over $180, it's very important for you to calculate shipping costs together into your product price).

    Once the customer made an order with your products, you will receive an email from Peiliee Marketplace. You can also log in to your dashboard to see which product the customer ordered.

    You have to accept the order or reject the order. 

    Once you have accepted the order, you have a maximum of 30 days for order production. After you have finished making the order, you can update the tracking information and click on fulfill the order.

    We will then receive your fulfilled information and prepare payment for you. Please notice the payment will be your product's final price (the customer may use a discount code at checkout, and you have to calculate that in your product price) minus the 10% commission fee. 

  • How much is the commission for the sales?

    We will take 10% of the commission fee from your sales. This commission fee will help us to hold the marketplace system and operation cost. We will also use the commission fee for basic advertising your products on social media, SEO, email marketing, and other marketing services for you.

  • How should I set the product price?

    Please consider that your product will be sold together with our collections. Therefore, you need to add shipping cost, 10% commission cost, and discount cost. 

    Ex. If you wish to receive $50 for an item from selling on Peiliee Marketplace, the commission fee is 10%, shipping fee is $10, and the customer may use a discount code for 10% off.

    Therefore, you should price your product for :

    [$50+ (50*0.1=$5 commission fee) + $10 shipping fee] / 10% -customer discount = $72.2